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Good afternoon,

I hope you are well and you enjoyed the festive period.

New Year New Job

It’s the start of a New Year so you may be thinking about changing jobs or you may be further down the road and actively interviewing and considering offers.

In the last two days alone, I have met with and worked with two lawyers who are looking to make changes.  The lawyer I met yestereday is considering a very good job offer in another jurisdiction.  The lawyer I met today is just about to start his job search.

Trusted Advisor

So like these lawyers, you may also find it helpful to have an Independent trusted Advisor / Confidante to bounce ideas off as you plan your move.

You may want to:

  1. Discuss job search strategies such as direct approaches, reaching out to your network and consulting specialist recruitment firms (to which recuritment firms to consult etc).
  2. Prepare for an Interview;
  3. Discuss your job offer(s) with an independent person to get their perspective;
  4. Weigh up with someone which which job offer to accept; and
  5. Talk about how you might negotiate an increase in salary with your prospective employer;

“Talk to Colin”

colin photo janI would be delighted to hear from you, if you would like to make an enquiry about booking in for a session with me to discuss (in strict confidence) your career plans.

Wishing you every success and happiness for 2014 and beyond.







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