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London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York | San Francisco

Previous guest speakers include:
| The Chairman of Goldman Sachs International | The Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi | The CEO of PayPal (MENA) | The CEO of Hogan Lovells | The CEO of O2 / Telefonica | The CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi (MENA) | The CEO of PwC (Ireland) | The CEO of Bank of Ireland (UK) | The CEO of Sunderland FC | The CEO of the Law Society of England & Wales |  The GC of the Intercontinental Hotels Group | The GC of The Weir Group plc | The GC of Manchester United FC | The Irish Ambassador to Great Britain |
Upcoming guest speakers
New York | The GC of Pearson plc | 
 New York | The GC of MetLife Inc |
San Fran |  The GC of NetApp Inc |
Dublin | The CEO of Facebook (Ireland) |
London | The GC of BT plc |

The  “LBDC”  was established in 2011 in London by Colin Carroll). The  “LBDC”  is an international organisation for lawyers interested in business development.

London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York 

The  “LBDC”  has international chapters in

London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York.

 Opportunities for Lawyers

Colin Carroll (Founder of LBDC chatting to guests)
Colin Carroll (Founder of LBDC chatting to guests)

The “LBDC” provides opportunities for lawyers to meet (in London, Dublin, Dubai, Boston and New York) exchange ideas about business development and make new connections. Through a series of inspiring and thought provoking guest speaker events lawyers get opportunities to hear leaders in their respective fields share business development ideas, career development advice and insights. Lawyers also make meaningful professional connections in a relaxed, informal and friendly environment.

LBDC:   Previous Guest Speakers

Thank you to all of our wonderful guest speakers at the “LBDC”  (“Lawyers Business Development Club”). Since 2011, there have been 38 guest speaker events at the  “LBDC” across our international chapters in:

London, Dublin, Boston, Dubai and New York

You will find a list of our previous guest speakers below. I hope to see you at a future “LBDC” event.


LONDON:   Previous “LBDC” Guest Speakers

 DUBLIN:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speakers

NEW YORK:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speakers


BOSTON:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speaker

DUBAI:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speaker


 Sponsors:  “LBDC” Sponsors

LBDCLogos.jpegContact:  Colin Carroll


Thank you for your interest in the “LBDC“.  I hope to see you at one of our future events.

If you wish to get in touch, you can drop me a line on 

I would be delighted to hear from you.



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“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”



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