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Terry Clune

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Thursday 26 September 2013

Good morning,

Thank you to all of you who attended Terry Clune’s inspiring Talk to the LBDC | Lawyers’ Business Development Club | in London this morning (Thursday 26 September 2013)

Sponsor | CMS Cameron McKenna

I would also like to thank the law firm, CMS Cameron McKenna, for hosting us at their offices.

It was great to catch up with so many of you this morning after our summer break.

TERRY CLUNE |  CEO of & TaxBack Group of Companies

Terry ( group 1)For those of you who missed Terry’s Talk, you may be interested to read the great comments / feedback on it:

1.       “Good afternoon Colin, firstly can I say how much I enjoyed listening to Terry Clune this morning. I found him inspirational and so very entertaining, I don’t think I have laughed so much so early in the morning!! I loved his sense of humour and his clear passion for Ireland!”

2.       “Your event this morning was great, Terry was so funny, it was such a positive and inspiring talk.  I really enjoyed it, and I wish more speakers were as engaging and interesting! I’m looking forward to your next couple of events, it’s great how diverse the speakers are!”

3.       “Hi Colin, I thought Terry was a truly inspirational speaker- I have spent most of the day thinking of the poor capuchin monkeys with their arms stuck down vases- and the analogy the story represents! The talk definitely brightened up my Thursday morning!”

4.       “Terry was magic. Crazy day. I will email properly.”

5.       “Hi Colin, thanks for inviting me and sorry I had to dash off.  A very good event, thanks and a very inspirational speaker. I loved hearing about Connect Ireland.  Good combination, hearing Terry’s own story and then also about the Connect Ireland initiative.”

6.       “Hi Colin, it was a really good talk – feeling very inspired ! I look forward to the next talk.”

7.       “Just a quick note to thank you for organising yet another great speaker this morning, I really enjoyed Terry Clune’s talk.  It was great to get some background on both how Terry got to where he is today and the successes of ConnectIreland to date.”

8.       “Colin, just a note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s talk so many thanks for organising. Terry’s an impressive guy and his goal’s certainly commendable. We didn’t get a chance to speak afterwards – hope to catch up with you at the next one. Keep us posted.”

9.        “Hi Colin, the talk was very interesting and Terry was a really nice guy so thanks for organising it. Please could you add me to the next two upcoming talks before Christmas.”

10.   “I thought Terry was very interesting, engaging and an entertaining speaker”.

11.   “Really enjoyed Terry’s talk Colin thanks for the invite.”

12.   “Hi Colin, just wanted to say a big thank you from [  ] and me for this morning. We both found it very interesting and we’re looking forward to coming next month.”

13.   “Colin, well done on a great event. Hope to catch you again soon.”

14.   “Hi Colin, Great to see you this morning. I thought Terry was wonderful and had a quick chat with him before I left …”

15.   “Hi Colin, it was a great talk. Terry is a great speaker and very likeable. Thank you for organising the event and chat to you soon.” 

Next Talk – Thursday 24 October 2013

Ryan Patel ( Director of Global Real Estate & Business Development for Pinkberry, one of the fastest growing retail brands globally ) will be our Guest Speaker on Thursday 24 October.

Ryan will be joining us from California to share his stories with us.  It promises to be a fascinating Talk.


It would be great to hear from you, if you would like to RSVP.

My email is ( colin [at] )

I hope to see you soon.

Have a good evening.


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