NICK COOPER (Corporate Services Director at Cable & Wireless Communications)

” Why I Don’t Like Lawyers – Discuss  🙂 “
Thursday 23 May, 2013


1. “Nick’s talk was fabulous.  Direct, entertaining and thought-provoking.  The message I took from it was: as you get older, or at least wiser, be less of a lawyer and more of a counsel. And whatever you do, do it for your client and not just for you.”

2. “I thought it was a really great talk, extremely well presented and inspiring.  It confirmed so much of what I believe makes for a really effective lawyer and I suspect resonated with many there.”

3. “Nick’s was a really entertaining and inspiring talk.”

4. “Nick’s talk was inspirational and an invaluable insight to the in-house world.”

5. “My sincere thanks to Nick. His candidness was refreshing and, overall, his talk was extremely inspirational.”

6. “Nick’s talk was excellent and entertaining.  I absolutely agree with his assessment: it is all too easy to set out the various risks and leave a long menu of options, without actually giving clients the crystal clear direction that they need.  I’ll be thinking of the supermarket till attendant’s take on things next time I’m giving complex advice!”

7. “Just to say what a wonderful refreshing assessment by Nick of some of the issues that prevail on a regular basis within our profession.”

8. “Hi Colin, I thought Nick’s presentation was terrific.  Extremely sophisticated ideas told in a personal way so that the ideas stick (in a sense, Nick was showing the best way to communicate by the way he was communicating to us).”

9. “Well, as an Accountant and a CEO, I’m hurt!  Seriously, it nailed the issues that commercial people in the real world have with lawyers and pointed to the things they can do to realise the value that they can add to clients. Nick’s illustrative anecdotes really brought the message home in a powerful way.”

10. Not only was Nick’s Talk thought provoking but also a real list of action points to implement immediately in day-to-day work. Loved the anecdotes; funny and spot on.”

11. I thought Nick drummed home some very important and astute points in an engaging and witty manner, enlivened by anecdotes from his personal experience which we could all relate to or could imagine happening.”

12. “I enjoyed the humorous approach to lawyers and their function / purpose in both a private practice and in-house context. I think it’s fair to say that we all would come away from this morning thinking about how we interact personally within a commercial or legal environment and also how we can best utilise the information before us to become decision makers within a business.”

13. “Hi Colin, thanks for a great talk this morning.  As a seasoned in-houser myself a lot of what Nick said resonated and hopefully provided some food for thought for our private practice colleagues.  Some honest and amusing anecdotes as well to demonstrate the role that in house counsel plays in a business.”

14. “It was a very good talk, entertaining and well-presented. A bit of a wake-up call for those who still think they can get away with lawyering as it was done ten years ago! “

15. “Nick’s Talk was very interesting and the man was spot-on – the law firm model is broken and people in private practice can learn much from what he said this morning.”

16. “I really enjoyed Nick’s sense of humour, well worth getting up for early morning coffee and pastries. His amusing anecdotes, combined with practical advice highlighting a need for emotional intelligence in business dealings, were not only insightful but also witty and entertaining.”

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