SUZANNE WISE: General Counsel at Network Rail


SUZANNE WISE: General Counsel at Network Rail

Suzanne Wise | General Counsel at Network Rail

Guest Speaker at the LBDC | London

May 2013

Sponsor | Arthur Cox

SUZANNE WISE: General Counsel at Network Rail
SUZANNE WISE: General Counsel at Network Rail


“Inspirational – and exceptional”.


“I found the talk this morning to be quite inspirational. It has given me a real motivation to think seriously about the direction of my career as well as giving me the kick start I needed to get out and network more with both existing contacts as well as developing new ones. Loved the feminist slant to the talk.”


“I thought Suzanne spoke with a nice humility/normality about her and a lot resonated with me. I think a lot of people will have left with a lot of food for thought, some of it potentially career changing. For myself, not a natural networker and somewhat blind to the upsides of networking, it was insightful to hear her experiences and feelings towards it. Thanks as always for organising.”


“Hi Colin, I wanted to let you know that I thought Suzanne’s talk was fantastic (especially from a woman’s point of view). I have various comments she made ringing through my head which I will put to good use in due course. She was very honest and inspirational – especially her attitude about work and family. I have come across so many women that tell me you simply can’t have children and a career – so it was so refreshing to see somebody so successful standing up there and telling it how it is.”


“Thanks again for another thought-provoking breakfast Colin!  Suzanne’s refreshingly honest delivery resonated with many in the room, perhaps we could all learn to be a little more “authentic” in our approach. Suzanne’s top tips were of great value irrespective of gender – engagingly delivered and realistic in scope.”


“Hi Colin, I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I thought Suzanne’s talk this morning was great. As you noted in your round-up, her honesty was impressive and also refreshing. She is clearly a very successful woman, who has managed to “make it” in a tough corporate world – while also having personality and human priorities.  I am still feeling inspired!”


“A great talk today, very honest and extremely insightful – a number of things Suzanne said resonated with my own career. I’ve made notes and will be taking on board some helpful pointers delivered with humour. Great talk.”


“Thanks Colin for organising another great networking function. I thought Suzanne was great – and such honest words from a woman at the top of her game.”


“Dear Colin, thanks for a great session, yet again. What struck me most about Suzanne’s talk was that it was very genuine and honest and she was prepared to speak about her personal experiences in this way, which is always, in my view, of the most benefit. She was very engaging and what a fabulous career!”


“Hi Colin, I actually took Suzanne’s advice and sent you an email over Linked In earlier thanking you for inviting me along! I found the talk ever so interesting – thank you v much for inviting me along.”


“It was fascinating to hear the success and diverse career of Suzanne Wise, what an inspirational multi-tasking lady!”


“Suzanne was great and I can say that { colleague  } really enjoyed it – she was buzzing afterwards (maybe an effect of having too much coffee !).”


“Great to see you this morning and Suzanne was indeed inspirational.”


“Hi Colin, it was great to meet you earlier this morning and a fantastic and enjoyable talk by Suzanne.”


“Hi Colin, pleasure to meet you briefly earlier. Thanks for the event – thought it was fab!”


“Sorry we didn’t get to have a word at the end – I had to dash for an appointment. Thoroughly enjoyed Suzanne’s Talk this morning.”


“Thank you once again for a motivational morning, I think I had an extra spring in my step coming in to the office!”


“Hi Colin, thank you for a great event. Suzanne was a fabulous speaker. See you at another event soon.”

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