2nd International Lawyers’ Photography Awards

2nd International Lawyers’ Photography Awards:



Wednesday, 18 October 2017

 The 5 winners of our 2nd International Lawyers’ Photography Awards were announced in London on Tuesday 5 September 2017.  Our reception was hosted by the international law firm CMS). More than 150 lawyers from cities around the world entered their stunning travel photos.  My thanks to all the lawyers that sent me in their photos.  You may be interested to see this year’s winning photos.

1st Place

Marsha Williamson  |  Lawyer at Herbert Smith Freehills in London

What our JUDGE Laurence J. McMahon said about Marsha’s WINNING photo:

Marsha Williamson’s image wins it for me.

Very nicely composed with the larger mountain leading your eye into the middle of image.

Lovely details and textures in the mountain.

Shadows in foreground well preserved.

I feel the magnificence.

I would like to have stood there!

Well done

2nd Place

Michael Friedman  |  Lawyer at Kobre & Kim in New York

What our JUDGE Laurence J. McMahon said about Michael’s photo:

Michael Friedman’s image grabbed my attention.

I would have loved to have seen more of the man’s profile.

Just a slight turn of his head to the right.

Silhouettes can be tricky but I like the colours and the man’s pose as he carries his footwear.

Placing the subject more or less in the center works as does the placement of the horizon.

The reflection of the silhouette and that beautiful sky finishes off the image nicely.

3rd Place

 Clémence Dillange  |  Lawyer in Paris

Photo Credit: Clémence Dillange, lawyer in Paris. Clémence wins 3rd Place in our *2nd Annual Lawyers Photography Competition*

What our JUDGE Laurence J. McMahon said about Clémence’s photo:

Clemence Dillange’s  picture caught my eye.

The quiet stillness and those subtle colours of pink and blue work for me.

I like the painterly feel of this image which has been thoughtfully composed.

The larger islands on each side lead your eye to a lighthouse.

It looks like three boats on the left which add a sense of mystery.

4th Place

Gareth Bryne  |  Associate General Counsel EMEA at WhatsApp in Dublin

What our JUDGE Laurence J. McMahon said about Gareth’s photo:

Gareth Byrne’s image of the hot air balloon works because of the time of day.

The beautiful light reveals textures and shapes on the ground.

The balloon works as a subtle splash of colour and interest which leads the eye to the redder mountains in the distance

Well done.

5th Place

Peter Mallon  |  Lawyer at MJ Hudson in London

The Deal

What our JUDGE Laurence J. McMahon said about Peter’s photo:

Peter Mallon’s image of the two men are having an animated conversation was intriguing.

I can imagine the aromas and sounds in the street.

Nicely caught with the sun backlighting the men and I like the browns and whites and slight warm tone which all works well.

Some Photos

from our Prize-Giving Reception at

CMS, London

Dr Miranda Brawn and Colin Carroll (Founder of Lawyers’ BD CLUB)

Colin Carroll (Founder of Lawyers’ BD CLUB) speaking about the photos entered in our *2nd Annual Lawyers Photography Competition*

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