PHOTOS from GC Summit (5th BIRTHDAY for Lawyers’ Business Development Club)

5th Birthday:  GC Summit

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“Hi Colin, thank you so much for the FANTASTIC GC Summit yesterday, it was without doubt the best legal seminar I have ever been to and certainly the most inspiring – I have been joining up to all sorts of PD groups this morning off the back of my inspiration!” I would love to be added to the mailing list for future events if I may. Congratulations on your 5 years at LBDC! Thanks again.”

[Legal Counsel at Facebook (London)  |  3 November 2016]

GC Summit organized by the LBDC | Lawyers’ Business Development Club |

9 GC Guest Speakers + 1 Emmy Nominated Filmmaker & Reporter

Good afternoon:  I hope you are having a great Friday.  You may be interested to know that on Wednesday 2 November 2016, we hosted our inaugural General Counsel Summit in London to celebrate the Club’s 5th birthday (established October 2011).  Some of the most influential General Counsel in the UK gave us inspiring Talks about their career journeys. Also Shaunagh Connaire, the Emmy nominated Filmmaker & Reporter at Channel 4 was our final inspiring guest speaker of the evening.  Below is a very short (15 second) video from our Summit.


from our

General Counsel Summit (London)

2 November 2016

Celebrating the LBDC’s 5th Birthday

L to R: Colin (Founder of the LBDC), Sinead (Legal Counsel, EY) & Funke Abimbola (General Counsel, Roche UK & Ireland)

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Feedback from our Guests

“Hi Colin, thank you so much for the FANTASTIC seminar yesterday, it was without doubt the best legal seminar I have ever been to and certainly the most inspiring –
I have been joining up to all sorts of PD groups this morning off the back of my inspiration!” I would love to be added to the mailing list for future events if I may. Congratulations on your 5 years at LBDC! Thanks again.”
Good morning Colin, WOW, how very impressive!!!
I couldn’t identify which speaker I found the most interesting, they were all so passionate and insightful, telling their own unique stories, it was certainly the best event of yours that I have attended so far!! You have a habit of continuing to raise the bar!!! A very Big  well Done! Thank you also to Keltie’s for their excellent hospitality. A very big happy 5th Birthday!!!!!


“Hi Colin, thanks for organising such an inspiring event.
I am sorry I had to dash off – childcare commitments. Would love to have a chat to share an idea the session made me think off.”
“Colin, I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s GC Summit, hearing so many varied and inspiring stories from other GCs and Shaunaugh and also meeting so many other interesting and talented members of the club (and sponsors).”


“HI Colin, I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for such an amazing event on 2nd November… It was the first LBDC | Lawyers’ Business Development Club | event I’ve attended and thank you so much for inviting me.
It was really superbly curated and orchestrated and the speakers all well-selected and thought-provoking.  I know much of that was down to you. I very much look forward to future events in London.”


“Colin, very well done yesterday – really enjoyed it and there was great variety among the speakers which kept it interesting, and Shaunagh’s talk at the end capped it off very well. Congratulations and see you soon.”
Colin, firstly, let me congratulate you on your recent marriage….I wish you happiness and success for the future.  Secondly, congratulations on another great event… Great to see the themes of mentoring and coaching recurring throughout the talks. They are certainly things that lawyers don’t do enough of. I did have to dash off at 5pm as I had a meeting at 6pm but thoroughly enjoyed the first three hours and also catching up with people. I have been meaning to catch up with you for lunch for a long time, so if you are free any day, let me know and we can arrange something. “
“Hello Colin, congratulations for a truly fantastic event yesterday. The selection of varied speakers, and their topics and styles, were hugely engaging, authentic and full of great takeaways. I’m also really glad I stayed for Shaunagh’s talk which was such a clever one to end on.  It’s wonderful see the growing success of your network and events and I would like to wish you all the very best so you may carry on taking LBDC from strength to strength. It really is brilliant to be a part of it. I was just sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat with you to thank you and congratulate you in person – it was busy and I got held up getting to know some fascinating people.  Until next time.”
“Colin – just a short note to say thank you for a truly wonderful day yesterday!  An incredibly worthwhile afternoon.”
Hi Colin, thanks so much for organising the event yesterday. It was really fascinating to hear the speakers’ personal stories and their tips for success. I really enjoyed the event.
“Hi Colin, you have achieved something wonderful with your network, such a warm and welcoming group. I am very happy to be part of it!”
Hi Colin, it was an excellent afternoon yesterday.  Good to meet new people, broaden one’s network, and hear a variety of stories and tips. Thoroughly worthwhile”.
“Hi Colin, I thought it was a terrific event and a fitting celebration of the first 5 years of LBDC.
I really enjoyed all the talks – what was so good was hearing different perspectives on the same or similar topics.”
“Hi Colin, just a quick email to say I really enjoyed the event on the 2nd. Fantastic speaker and an incredible turn out!”
“Hi Colin, just wanted to say thanks very much for the invite to the summit the other day which was great.   I don’t know if you noticed but I had to leave early – apologies. Really nice crowd though; enjoyed chatting to some folks at the midway point. Would be great to meet for a coffee at some point.”


“Hi Colin, your GC Summit was excellent – sorry I did not get the chance to say hello at the GC Summit, you are a popular man!”
“Dear Colin, thanks a lot for a great event on Wednesday. We really enjoyed it and the speakers were fantastic.”
Hi Colin, just a quick note to say how pleased I am to see how well things are working out for you – thoroughly deserved and a tribute to your sheer hard work, personality and initiative.   Having been fortunate enough to be invited to a number of interesting talks over the years, I can genuinely state that some of the speakers you “persuaded” (in your inimitable style) to address their fellow GCs were top notch and  a real draw in a competitive field.. ….Genuinely, if there’s any way I can help, just shout…..Meantime, have a lovely weekend and congratulations again on reaching the 5th anniversary of the LBDC – onwards and upwards!
Dear Colin, I sit in the  [  ] team at  [   ]  and work closely with [  ]  and [  ].  I caught up with [ ] shortly after she attended the LBDC GC Summit last week. She noted the excellent quality of the speakers and mentioned that the room was packed. She suggested that we should look into hosting an LBDC event at some point at our London offices. …..Thanks and hoping to speak to you soon.”






Thank you

3 Thank you’s 🙂

  1. to our fabulous & inspiring guests speakers
  2. to all our wonderful guests
  3. to all our sponsors/partners – in particular to our gold sponsor, Keltie for generously hosting us and making us all feel so welcome (as always)

5th Birthday Cake !

A very nice touch from Ketlie – to celebrate our 5th birthday they surprised us by wheeling out a birthday cake!

Some Twitter & Linkedin reactions below.

Funke Abimbola

General Counsel & Company Secretary of Roche UK

Tim Grayson

Managing Director at Goldman Sachs


Mark Horncastle

General Counsel at GE Capital International


Robert Ivens

General Counsel (retired end August 2016) of Marks and Spencer plc

Pavel Klimov

General Counsel EMEA at Unisys

Andrew Magowan

General Counsel & Company Secretary of ASOS plc


Catie Sherat

Associate General Counsel at Pearson Plc


Richard Tapp

General Counsel & Company Secretary of Carillion plc


Christian Waida

General Counsel of Open Text


Emmy Nominated Journalist & Filmmaker

at Channel 4

Shaunagh Connaire


There was great Twitter activity during our GC Summit.

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