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Managing Partner of US Visa Solutions  |  London

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What I’ve learned is that fear is not something that should hold you back from what you want to do.

Janice A. Flynn, Managing Partner, US Visa Solutions

Profile of Firm & Janice A. Flynn

In February 2012, Janice established the firm US Visa Solutions, bringing with her an extensive knowledge base and expertise acquired over the course of 10 years practising U.S. immigration law.  Although Janice has experience in a wide range of immigration matters including both family and employment based visa applications, she has particular expertise on employment-based matters.  Janice regularly advises multinational companies on their overall U.S. immigration strategy.  Janice works with both companies and individuals in order to fulfil their plans of doing business in the United States.   She has successfully prepared numerous E-1/E-2 visa applications, including highly complex cases. Clients can count on Janice for sound, spot-on immigration advice.

Colin Carroll   |   LBDC 

Janice, could you please tell us about your background; where did you grow up?

Janice A. Flynn   |   Managing Partner, US Visa Solutions

I’m a native Chicagoan and spent pretty much all my life there except for a year and a half or so in Aberdeen for a university exchange program.  I grew up on the south side so of course I’m a White Sox fan.  

Chicago is a city of neighbourhoods and I’m originally from a neighbourhood called Canaryville which was right next to the Chicago stockyards which were closed the year I was born.  Our house was right down the street from the stock yards and my earliest memories were of our house shaking because of the trucks full of cattle being taken away.  When I was eight we moved to a Polish neighbourhood and many of our neighbours spoke only Polish.  I always wondered if this was the start in me liking all things international.  

I have a twin sister who also lives in the UK and a younger brother and sister.  My Dad is a retired Chicago Fire Chief and my Mom is a retired secretary who also worked for the Chicago Fire Department.  Both of them had 10 kids in each of their families and I have lots and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins.  Despite having such a large family, I’m the first person to become a lawyer in the family.

Colin Carroll   |   LBDC

Why did you choose a career in law?

Janice A. Flynn   |   Managing Partner, US Visa Solutions

Sometimes I feel like a career in law found me.  

After I finished my bachelor’s degree in English Literature I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do because I didn’t want to teach.  I applied for some positions and one job was with an immigration law firm in Chicago.  Back in those days where you had to post your CV with a cover letter! It was the early 90s so there weren’t a lot of jobs available so I had a lot of practice with writing cover letters.  I remember when I was called in for an interview and the lawyer I met with said I was called in because she liked my cover letter.  I can’t remember what exactly I said but I do remember I talked about how I would understand working with immigrants because my grandparents were Irish immigrants and I grew up in a Polish neighbourhood.  I got the job and worked with lots and lots of clients from all over the world.  

After a few years working as a Paralegal, I applied to law school and became a lawyer.  Since then, I’ve realized I really enjoy building a case and succeeding based on the arguments you present for your client.

Colin Carroll   |   LBDC

Why did you move to London?

Janice A. Flynn   |   Managing Partner, US Visa Solutions

Looking back it seems like my heart has always been in the UK.  

It’s been more than 10 years since I moved to London but the seeds of moving here were planted when I was 20 and came to London for the first time on my way to attend a study abroad program at University of Aberdeen for a year.  

I studied English Literature and what really excited me about London was the fact that there were so many writers who lived here.  I wrote a thesis paper on Virginia Woolf who actually includes London street names where her characters lived.  I came back to Chicago to finish my undergraduate degree but as soon as I passed the bar I started to apply for jobs in London.  I remember at one point just thinking I wanted to be here so it was wonderful when I was offered a job and was working as a lawyer here.  Holding an Irish passport also made it very easy to move over and settle here.


Colin Carroll   |   LBDC

Can you tell us about setting up your own law firm?

Janice A. Flynn   |   Managing Partner, US Visa Solutions

I have to admit I would not have thought I would set up my own law firm but it’s the best thing I could have done.

I left my previous firm mainly because there was not going to be any room for advancement and what I do is very specialized so there weren’t a lot of opportunities for lateral moves.  

Quitting my last job and starting my own firm was very much like jumping off a cliff because there weren’t any guarantees of how it would work out but now I really enjoy the firm I’ve created and making it grow.

What I’ve learned is that fear is not something that should hold you back from what you want to do.  Also and probably most importantly, along the way I had a lot of my friends who work in law that supported me and without them I wouldn’t have gotten where I am.

Colin Carroll   |   LBDC

What is the best piece of advice you ever got ?

Janice A. Flynn   |   Managing Partner, US Visa Solutions

Before I started my own practice a very experienced US immigration lawyer here in London said to me that I will be truly free when I am self-employed and have control over my own destiny.  Her words gave me the courage to make the leap to starting my own practice.

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