Interview with Julie Sinnamon CEO

Julie Sinnamon  |  CEO of Enterprise Ireland



Some of you may recall that Julie Sinnamon, CEO of Enterprise Ireland (the Irish government agency responsible for the growth of Irish-owned businesses in global markets) was our fabulous and inspirational guest speaker at the Dublin chapter of the LBDC | Lawyers’ Business Development Club |.

Some photos from our Talk are included on the link below:

Photos of our LBDC Talk in Dublin with Julie Sinnamon CEO

Sunday Independent Interview with Julie Sinnamon CEO

There is a great interview with Julie Sinnamon in the Sunday Independent newspaper (published 13 March 2016).

I loved Julie’s best piece of career advice which she shared with us during her Talk in Dublin and which is included in her interview:

“The best career advice you ever received…

“The best career advice I ever received has to be make sure you enjoy your work. I often tell the story of a training session I did, where the trainer presented the class with a piece of string.

“You’re all about 40,” he said, so he cut it in half. “And you’ll sleep a lot,” he added, so he cut it in half again. “If you don’t enjoy what you do, I’ll have to cut it in half once more” he said at the end.

The piece left was tiny! It really stuck with me!

I work long hours. You have to enjoy the work to do to do that.”


The link to Julie’s interview is below:

Julie Sinnamon CEO Interview in the Sunday Independent – 13 March 2016


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