New York: 5th LBDC event in US

“LBDC”   (“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”)

London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York

LBDC (“Lawyers’ Business Development Club) London Dublin Boston Dubai New York


New York:  Next  “LBDC”  event in New York


Greenwich Village, NYC. Photo taken before our previous LBDC event in New York.

Exciting news:  we are delighted to let you know that our next  “LBDC”  Talk at our New York chapter will take place in the autumn.

Guest Speaker

Peter D Sutherland SC (Chairman of Goldman Sachs International)
Photo taken from the balcony of the stunning  “Innholders’ Hall in London during the Talk given by our “LBDC” speaker:  Peter D Sutherland SC  (Chairman of Goldman Sachs International)

A wonderful guest speaker has just confirmed that they will come join us at the “LBDC”  in New York and give us a Talk about their career journey.

40th Keynote Speaker Event at the  “LBDC” 

This will be a very special event as it will be our  40th  keynote speaker event at the  “LBDC”  and our  5th  in the United States.

Stay tuned for more details.


“LBDC”   (“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”)
London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York

40th  “LBDC”   Guest Speaker Event 

When: Tuesday, 27 October, 2015
 Timings Pre-Talk drinks: 6.00 p.m. –  6.30 p.m.  Guest Speaker Talk:  6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.  Post-Talk drinks:  7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.
Where: New York (venue to be confirmed)

Invitation to our NYC  “LBDC”  event

If you would like to be kept informed about our  “LBDC”  event in New York, please feel free to get in touch.  It would be great to see you in New York.


LBDC:   London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York

If you are interested, you can see the names (and photos) of our previous  “LBDC”  guest speakers.

LONDON:   Previous “LBDC” Guest Speakers

 DUBLIN:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speakers

NEW YORK:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speakers


BOSTON:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speaker

DUBAI:   Previous  “LBDC”  Guest Speaker


 Sponsors:   “LBDC”  Sponsors

LBDCLogos.jpegContact:  Colin Carroll


Thank you for your interest in the “LBDC“.  I hope to see you at one of our future events.

If you wish to get in touch, you can drop me a line on 

I would be delighted to hear from you.

New York (view from Hoboken)
New York (photo taken from Hoboken, New Jersey)



Colin Carroll

Founder & Managing Director

“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”



Telephone:   07917 301 070





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