Photos from Professor Moran’s TALK

“Focusing on Success: Doing Your Best When It Matters Most”

profmoranYou might be interested to see some photos from our “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” event held in Dublin last week (Wednesday, 30 April).

Guest Speaker:  Professor Aidan Moran

PROFESSOR Aidan Moran ( author of “The Psychology of Concentration in Sports Performerswas our wonderful Guest Speaker.

Aidan Moran is the Professor of Cognitive Psychology at University College, Dublin.

Venue:  The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club


Our venue was the fabulous private members club:  The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club.

This photo was taken in the stunning Guest Room just moments before our Guests arrived.




Professor Aidan Moran’s TALK was entitled:

Focusing on Success: Doing Your Best When It Matters Most ”

Concentration”, or the ability to focus on what is most important in any situation while ignoring distractions, is vital for successful performance in everyday life (e.g., in business, law, sport). But how can we learn to concentrate effectively ?


In this TALK , Professor Aidan Moran drew on his research findings and extensive consultancy experience and provided us with some practical concentration techniques that will help our Guests to do their best when it matters most.


I have included below some of the Accolades for Professor Moran’s  Talk.

  1. “When I told my boss I was going to a talk on focussing on success he told me I’d have a greater chance of success if I focussed on the files on my desk but I’m definitely glad to have heard Professor Moran very engaging and entertaining talk!”
  2. “In the stunning venue looking out onto St. Stephen’s green on a sunny Spring afternoon in Dublin, Professor Aidan Moran had his audience engaged in a very interesting talk on using psychology to achieve success. Using real life examples from the most successful players in the sporting world, we were taught in a very engaging and easy-to-digest presentation, why our mind works the way it does when faced with a task and how to best use some very effective tools to improve focus and concentration on whatever the job in hand.  A very informative discussion hosted in a fabulous setting. Well done Colin for bringing an expert like Professor Moran to speak to us in Dublin.  If you can convince Professor Moran to speak to your Network in London in the future, I would travel over to hear him speak again.”
  3. “Colin, I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It was absolutely excellent in all respects: very interesting and very relevant and he is a very engaging speaker. My thanks to you for organising it and perhaps you could also pass on my words of thanks and appreciation to Professor Moran.”
  4. “Thanks very much Colin the talk was excellent very informative!!”
  5. “Thanks Colin – really enjoyed the session.”
  6. “Hi Colin, it was a pleasure to meet you this morning. Thank you for the invitation. The talk was very enjoyable. I look forward to the next one.”
  7. “Hi Colin, many thanks for organising the talk on Wednesday which was very informative. I am looking forward to golf this weekend to put some of the techniques to practice. It was nice to meet you and sorry I had to rush off at the end. I look forward to future events.”
  8. “Colin, thanks very much for the invitation to your “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” event this morning. I thought Professor Aidan Moran’s Talk was fascinating.  I loved his sporting stories and lessons.  I am a keen golfer so I was very interested to hear what he had to say about concentration in golf.  It was very engaging presentation and very beneficial.  I also hope to apply his concentration techniques to the contract I need to review this afternoon!  I look forward to attending your final talk in the Series before the summer break.”
  9. “HI Colin, Thank you.  It was a most informative discussion – I was trying to employ some of the techniques while wading through 103 pages of a facility agreement with varying levels of success. Looking forward to the next event – keep me posted.” 
  10. “Thanks Colin for inviting me to your event this morning. I enjoyed Professor Moran’s Talk.”
  11.    Thanks Colin, fascinating talk, looking forward to the next one.”

Expert Advisor to Sport Stars ( e.g. Padraig Harrington )

Professor Aidan Moran is one of the foremost experts in the field of mental imagery and concentration techniques.

Professor Aidan Moran has applied his knowledge in the real world of competitive sport, assisting many of Ireland’s top athletes and teams from Olympians to elite golfers ( including the three-time major winner : PADRAIG HARRINGTON ).

Final Talk before the Summer Break

I hope to see you at our final TALK before the summer break on Wednesday, 21 May.  Our Guest Speaker will be Dr. Janine Bosak from Dublin City University’s Business School.

Colin Carroll

Founder & Managing Director

“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”


Telephone: 07917 301 070







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