Accolades for Dr Eddie Murphy

“The talk was very interesting – I don’t think I will forget the pussy cat / tiger in the mirror image ! “

This is just one of many of the comments on yesterday’s TALK in DUBLIN.   More comments / accolades for our Guest Speaker TALK are listed below.

25th Guest Speaker TALK

Thank you to all of you for coming along yesterday morning, Thursday 10 April, to celebrate our 25th Guest Speaker TALK to “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” in DUBLIN.  It was great to see you.

Dr Eddie Murphy


Our Guest Speaker  DR EDDIE MURPHY  was superb.

Our Venue was the stunning private members club: The Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club.

For those of you who missed  DR EDDIE MURPHY’s  Talk  in  DUBLIN  ,  I have extracted (below) the comments and accolades from the emails that were sent to me following our Event.


eddievenue“ Hi Colin, It was good to see you.  The talk was very interesting – I don’t think I will forget the pussy cat / tiger in the mirror image!  See you at the next Talk. ”

“ Hi Colin, I was hoping to say hello but I had to go straight after the talk. I thought it was very good and was also very glad that it was a “non-legal” topic.  In terms of seminars being offered, there aren’t that many (or any!) opportunities to take some time to reflect on the more personal aspects of working life so well done from my perspective. All the best for now. ”

3.     “ I thought Dr. Eddie’s Talk was very interesting, practical and fun.  He gave us lots of food for thought. Loved his slides also especially the cat/tiger one !  You mentioned that you will be only running two more Events before the summer break in Dublin.  Could you please add me to your mailing list as I would be very interested in attending your future Events? ”

4.     “ Thanks Colin, fascinating Talk this morning.  Looking forward to the next one. ” 

5.     “ Hi Colin, Dr Eddie’s talk was really good – I enjoyed it a lot. Hope you enjoyed the Royal Albert Hall ! Have a good weekend and see you soon. ”

6.     “ Really enjoyed Eddie’s Talk Colin, thanks. If you can forward slides will you do so as I’m not very into LinkedIn. ”

7.     “ Colin, very interesting discussion this morning, thanks for the invite. Sorry I couldn’t hang around for a chat afterwards.  If you are in town between now and the next one let me know and we will grab a coffee. ”

8.     ” Hi Colin, really enjoyed the talk this morning – very relevant, even for the non-lawyers in the audience! Safe travels and enjoy the concert tonight in the Royal Albert Hall.  We’ll be in touch again soon. ” 

9.     ” Hi Colin, thank you for organising a very interesting guest speaker this morning. Please put me on your mailing list in relation to future events. ”

10.  “ Hi Colin, good event earlier today- thought it was really beneficial- and well organised.  It would be much appreciated if you could keep me on your mailing list for future Dublin events and in particular, any in-house related ones. Thanks once again. ”

11.  “ Thanks a lot Colin – it really was a superb morning. ”

12.  “ Very interesting Talk on Resilience by Dr. Eddie Murphy in the lovely Hibernian Club in St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin @lawyersbdc ”   [ via Twitter ]

13.  “ Congratulations Colin on the 25th speaker series event for the @LawyersBDC. Delighted to be back in Dublin to attend.”   [ via Twitter ]

14.  “ Great Talk this a.m. by @dreddiemurphy on “resilience at the stunning St. Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club thanks to Colin @lawyersBDC. ”   [ via Twitter ]

15.  “ Hi Colin, I thought the talk was extremely interesting and very relevant. I look forward to the next event. ”

16.  “ Hi Colin, I very much enjoyed the talk and thank YOU for organising it. And as I watched the Albert Hall event on tv last night, I was envious of those who were there. Great positivity all round. Have a good weekend. ”

17.  “ Hi Colin thanks I enjoyed Eddie’s Talk, although not liking our low resilience tolerance! ”

18.  ” It was great meeting you yesterday – I thoroughly enjoyed Dr Eddie’s talk and would be obliged if you could include me in your next event. Enjoy Easter. ”

19.  ” Hi Colin, didn’t get a chance to chat to you afterwards as I had to rush off to work but I really enjoyed Eddie’s talk and there was loads in it that I need to go away and have a think about but I won’t be looking at myself in the mirror in the same way anymore. Well for a few days anyway! ”

20.   “ Well done you Colin!  Lovely to meet you & enjoyed the presentation – only sorry I missed so much of it! I’m travelling on business for the next event but do please let me know about other events – it’s a great initiative. ”

21.  “ Hi Colin, Well done on a very worthwhile event.  I look forward to chatting to you on 30 April. ”

22.  “ Colin, I really enjoyed the talk. I was saying it to someone I was talking to that it was great to start the day so positive. I’m sorry I missed the other talks now. Thanks again for the invite and I’m looking forward to the next talk. See you then. ” 

23.  “ Hi Colin, sorry didn’t get to chat to you properly, had to run to office after. Really enjoyed the talk, thanks for the invite! The gig in the Royal Albert Hall looked amazing, id say it was an amazing experience! Do let me know if you are about, would be good to pick your brain. Take care and chat soon. ”

24.  “ Hi Colin, it was lovely to see you. And I really enjoyed the talk as well – thanks for organising! Would it be possible to get the slides – would love to look through them again? Am very envious that you got to go to the Albert Hall last night – we’re a great wee country, aren’t we?! Hope you had a fab time. Hope to see you at the next BDC! ”


If you use Twitter, you can follow the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club on Twitter.  The handle is:

–   @LawyersBDC

Next “LBDC” Talk : Wednesday 30 April

I hope to see you at our penultimate TALK in  DUBLIN  (before we break for the summer) on  Wednesday 30 April (lunchtime).

Our Guest Speaker will be Professor Aidan Moran (who has advised Ireland’ Top Sport Stars).  His TALK will be entitled:

“Focusing on Success:  Doing Your Best When It Matters Most”.

More details on this link:


Places will be limited at this Exclusive Event and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you would like to reserve a place, you can drop me a line on colin[at]

Have a great weekend.


Colin Carroll

Founder & Managing Director

“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”



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