Accolades for CATHERINE DIXON’s Talk

Catherine Dixon |  CEO

CATHERINE DIXON:  CEO of The Law Society of England & Wales
CATHERINE DIXON: CEO of The Law Society of England & Wales

“Wow Colin – CATHERINE is such an inspiration.  She is a wonderful role model for all of us lawyers.”

This is how one of the Guests described CATHERINE DIXONs  Talk to the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” in LONDON today (Thursday 20 February 2014).

CATHERINE’s TALK was entitled ” Journey to Chief Executive “.

A huge thank you to  CATHERINE , for very generously giving up her time to be our Guest Speaker and for sharing her fascinating Carreer Story with us at the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club“.

Thank you also to all you who attended this morning’s event.  It was great to see you.

Accolades  for  Catherine Dixon’s  TALK


For those of you who missed  CATHERINE DIXON’S  Talk  in  LONDON  ,  I have extracted (below) the comments and accolades from the emails that were sent to me following our event:

  1. “Dear Colin, just a short email to say what a great talk yesterday. It was truly inspirational to hear from someone who is so confident and open and who has had such a varied career. A 3 dimensional professional and not just a lawyer in a suit 🙂 Also fascinating to learn how legal skills and private sector expertise can be used to benefit the public sector. I really liked the analogy of making sure the right passengers are in the right seats on the bus. Looking forward to the next talk!”
  2. “Hi Colin, good to meet you this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine’s talk.  I thought it was fascinating to hear the journey that she has taken and to hear how at each stage she developed new skills, and learnt from experiences (whether good or not) to move forward to a greater challenge.  Because of the insight shared on the challenges faced at each job, and the things to think about, my feeling was that Catherine has taken a single journey rather than a series of jumps.  Underlying each move though there is clearly her (northern!) grit and determination.  See you on 27th for the “mindfulness” talk.  Enjoy the weekend (except for the rugby!)”.
  3. “Thanks so much for this morning’s breakfast Talk. I have been coming to your seminars for almost two years – more or less from the beginning in London and Catherine was definitely one of your best speakers. I look forward to the re-match in either Dublin or New York – or perhaps both if you can manage it. See you soon for that drink.”
  4. Hi Colin, great to meet you this morning. Please pass on a huge thank you to Catherine for giving up her time to talk so openly about her experience as a CEO and the journey she took to get there. Stepping off the well trodden legal path can be daunting so it’s always encouraging to hear of those who went their own way and made it work. It is rare to find someone so at ease with themselves and their role, but all the more inspiring for it to be a woman with a background in law. It was definitely worth the early start this morning!
    Good luck with the events next week.”
  5. “Thank you kindly for yet another successful event.  The conversation in the reception area over coffee was very thought provoking. People were really dwelling on the ‘human element’ of Catherine’s influence and activity rather than the financial element and this is uncommon in the professional sector.  A positive stimulus.  Excellent fodder for thought to start a working day and how one can apply Catherine’s examples personally and professionally.”
  6. “Wow Colin – Catherine is such an inspiration.  She is a wonderful role model for all of us lawyers.  Catherine is helping to illuminate the path for us lawyers aspiring to have senior roles in business.  I was busy taking notes as Catherine had lots of powerful lessons and advice for us. I particularly liked her saying that if we set high expectations for ourselves anything is possible.  Thank you, Colin, for inviting me to attend this morning’s session.  I am very glad I got out of bed early for it!  I have been telling my colleagues at work about the Talk and they now all wished they had gone! I told them you mentioned you are going to ask Catherine if she will speak to your “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” in DUBLIN and in NEW YORK!   If you manage to persuade Catherine to speak in Dublin, you might have quite a few lawyers coming over from London for the Event too!
  7.  “Hi Colin, yet another fantastic talk this morning – I was bowled over by Catherine’s account of her rise to the top!”
  8. “Many thanks indeed for this morning and also for accommodating Gareth, who I know really appreciated the opportunity and enjoyed Catherine’s talk. Please pass on my thanks to Catherine for sharing her story. Wow. It showed that it’s not about the conventional path for everyone: it’s about choosing the right path, building each experience on the last and not being afraid to do other things too.”
  9. “Thanks Colin, I enjoyed Catherine’s Talk very much. I am sorry I did not have a chance to meet you, but I had to run to work.”
  10. “Hi Colin, good to see you this morning. It was a really inspiring talk.”
  11. “Thank you for a very interesting session – I very much enjoyed Catherine’s talk.
  12. “Hi Colin,  – great Talk indeed, many thanks for the invite. I would really appreciate if you could let us know about any forthcoming events. I look forward to seeing you soon.”
  13. “Hi Colin, I thought Catherine was fascinating. Makes me feel very inadequate!”
  14. Hi Colin,, just thought I’d drop you a quick email to say how much I enjoyed Catherine’s talk this morning (especially as I am also from Hull!).  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for very long and introduce myself, but I would be really interested to know of any other forthcoming Lawyers BDC events.”
  15. “Great Talk today Colin – very much enjoyed it, it was jam packed! Sorry had to dash at the end there, but will look forward to catching up soon.  Let me know when you’re free for a glass of vino some evening.”
  16. “Colin, very many thanks indeed. The medics having parallels in the law point is something I’ll have to think about…!”
  17. “It was a really interesting talk. Thank you for your kind invitation. Please keep us in mind for future events.”
  18. “Hi Colin, I just wanted to thank you for organising Catherine Dixon’s talk this morning. It was inspirational to hear her talk about her various roles and achievements on her path to Chief Executive of the NHS  Litigation  Authority. It really makes you think how much it is possible to fit into your life.  I will certainly be setting my expectations higher from now on!”
  19. “Hi Colin, just a quick email to say thank you for inviting me to the talk this morning. Catherine’s story was truly remarkable and definitely worth the early start.” 


Thank you to Wragge & Co  (a UK-headquartered international law firm) for hosting our “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” Talk this morning and for making us all so very welcome.

Catherine Dixon, CEO |  Biography

CATHERINE DIXON:  CEO of The Law Society of England & Wales
CATHERINE DIXON: CEO of The Law Society of England & Wales

Catherine Dixon was brought up in Yorkshire, and then trained as a lawyer, gaining a law degree and completing her Law Society Finals at the College of Law in York.

Catherine also has an MBA and is an accredited Mediator.

Catherine started her career in private practice.  She then joined Bupa, becoming Head of Legal and subsequently the Commercial Director of Bupa Care Services.

Catherine left Bupa to spend a few years in Vancouver, Canada, as an instructor for Outward Bound and as a Director at Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

Returning to the UK, Catherine joined the NSPCC as its General Counsel and Company Secretary.

She became the Chief Executive of the NHS Litigation Authority in April 2012. Catherine is also a trustee for the PDSA.


I look forward to seeing you at a future Guest Speaker Event and if I can help you in any way, please get in touch.

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