Accolades for Monica Hanaway’s Talk

Monica Hanaway :  Business Coach  & Psychotherapist

Monica“Monica Hanaway’s talk this afternoon was fascinating and extremely thought provoking – she spoke with a gentle charm and her humanity shone through in all her responses to our questions.”

This is how one of the Guests described MONICAs  Talk to the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” in LONDON today at lunchtime (Thursday 23 January 2014).

A huge thank you to  MONICA HANAWAY , for giving up her time to be our Guest Speaker this morning at the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club“.

Thank you also to all you who attended in such large numbers today.  It was great to see you.

Sponsor:  Arthur Cox

My thanks to  Kathleen Garrett ( Partner & Head of Arthur Cox London ) and to Arthur Cox  for Sponsoring and Hosting our Event today.

ACCOLADES  For  Monica Hanaway’s  TALK

For those of you who missed  MONICA’s  Talk  in  LONDON  ,  I have extracted (below) the comments and accolades from the emails that were sent to me following our Event:

LBDC guests
LBDC guests

1.  “Monica Hanaway’s talk this afternoon was fascinating and extremely thought provoking –  she spoke with a gentle charm and her humanity shone through in all her responses to our questions.”

2.  “Monica’s talk was really interesting. I keep thinking of the inscription on my gravestone and have decided I need to start living a more interesting life! If only I could take a gap year like the gentleman she mentioned (Lawrence). Thanks again for a great event.  Hope to see you at the next one.”

3.  “Colin, I really enjoyed Monica’s Talk and as you said it was so thought provoking. I thought Monica had a really nice presentation style and she seems to exude such calmness.  A lot of what she said made complete sense but so helpful to hear someone reminding us of these things and getting us to think about who we really are, how we interact in the world, other people’s worldviews and how we are perceived by others.  Monica’s Talk was definitely the highlight of my day!  I am now thinking about what I would like people to write about me on my tombstone !… Your next Talk on Mindfulness sounds very interesting with Dr. Elena Antonova.  I look forward to hearing more about that.  Hope to see you soon.”

4.  “Colin, thank you for my inspiration and sanity for the day!  Look forward to catching up properly soon.”

5.  “Well done on organising Monica’s Talk – another fine triumph!” 

6.  “Monica’s Talk was fascinating.   Colin, you are providing a great service to the legal community with your wonderful work sharing all these thoughts, ideas and people with us.  Well done. Keep up the good work!”

7.  “Well worth taking time out of my day to hear Monica’s Talk.  I don’t know how you are are able to persuade so many brilliant Guest Speakers to give up their time and Talk to the Group!  It must be your Irish charm!  Can you also pass on my thanks to Monica and to Arthur Cox (for the lovely lunch!).”

8.  “I greatly enjoyed today’s talk and found Monica’s insights fascinating.  I hope you are able to schedule more lunchtime talks in future, so I can come to those as well!”

9.  “Colin, another excellent Talk today.   Monica gave us lots to think about. Well done”. 

10.  Colin, thank you for inviting me to Monica’s Talk today.   It was very interesting.  You had a great turnout for a lunchtime event.  I look forward to attending your future sessions”.

11.  “Fascinating Talk. If you can convince Monica to give a second talk or hold a workshop on practical tips for BD – I’m sure people would be very interested.” 

12.  “Monica was very interesting and engaging.  Her stories of working with CEO’s, Senior Executives, street gangs were all fascinating.  I am sure working with Corporates must be easy compared to dealing with street gangs!”

13.  “Thanks for arranging the session with Monica which was very enlightening.”

14.  “Colin, congratulations on yesterday’s successful and clearly well attended lunch seminar.  Monica was a very engaging and thought provoking speaker.  I came away asking myself questions after her presentation.”

15.  “Thank you for today’s session.  Monica came across as a really cool and interesting person; I think we could all have spent the afternoon asking her questions and hearing her share her experiences.”

16.  “Hi Colin, great to meet you and apologies that I had to rush off before I had a chance to thank you.  I very much enjoyed the session.”

17.  “Hi Colin, great to see you today.  Monica seems like a lovely person  – very interesting talk.”

18.  “I very much enjoyed Monica’s Talk.  Hope to catch up soon.” 

19.  “Hi Colin, very glad I made it at last – Monica’s talk was fascinating. Looking forward to the next one!”

20.  “..Thanks for a great event today Colin, great food for thought on personal development.”  [  A comment via Twitter ].

21.  “It was a very good Talk thanks.  It was quite relevant for me at the moment, reinforced some of my views, but also made me think about other things in terms of career development and business psychology. Hope to see you soon.”

22.  “Hi Colin, it was well worth making it along – important stuff to keep front of mind.  I expect that the operators that are the best at BD tend to address the soft things subconsciously – in any event, we all have situations we need to address better, and I’m sure were ticking along in people’s head yesterday – it always pays dividends to stop and think.”

23.   “Great Talk from Monica… ..I really enjoy the talks and speaking to you. It is great to have an access to completely different way of thinking – big law firms often miss the trick of genuine authenticity, so I am considering myself lucky to be able to step out of the “magic circle” sometimes.”

“LBDC” TALKS in  February

I hope to see you at the Special Talks taking place next month.

See you soon.




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