Michael Melcher


“Michael was wonderfully authentic – an inspiration.” 

This is how one of the Guests described Michael’s Talk to the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” in DUBLIN on Tuesday 29 October 2013.  The venue was the stunning Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club.

Another one of our Guests sent me an email after Michael’s LONDON Talk on Friday 1 November saying: “Please convey my thanks to Michael who I found to be interesting, insightful and inspiring.”    


My thanks to Des Crowley, Chief Executive, Bank of Ireland (UK) plc for Sponsoring and Hosting the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” at their smashing City of London offices.


For those of you who missed  MICHAEL’s  Talks in  LONDON  &  DUBLIN ,  I have extracted (below) the comments and terrific praise from the emails that were sent to me following our Events:

  1. “Colin, so many thoughts! Good for you. Michael was wonderfully authentic – an inspiration.”
  2. “Colin, many thanks for organising such an uplifting event this morning. Michael Melcher was very inspiring and it was wonderful to see such a good turnout despite the long weekend / half term. It was nice to meet you, albeit briefly. I had to dash off to a meeting afterwards. Please do keep me informed as to your plans for 2014 / any upcoming events.”
  3. “Colin, I found [Michael’s Talk] inspiring. In fact I have no hesitation is saying that it was the best talk I have heard in quite some time. Michael’s style and delivery are flawless and it is no surprise to me that he enjoys success as an executive coach. The subject matter is not entirely relevant to me personally but that did not detract one bit from my interest and enjoyment in listening to him. I was particularly interested in his account of how he came to write his book… Well done again for bringing Michael to us.”
  4. “Hi Colin, I enjoyed the talk this morning.  Sorry I had to run off – I’m preparing for a trial in [  ]  next week. Please convey my thanks to Michael who I found to be interesting, insightful and inspiring.” 
  5. “Colin, I went up to Michael afterwards and thanked him. I found his talk inspirational. I am going to buy his book.   If Michael sends you a link of recommended readings I would be grateful to receive them. Well done on getting a speaker of his calibre over! Hopefully get to meet you at the London party on [  ]  if you can make it? Thanks again for the invite and hopefully see you in London.”
  6. “Hi Colin, many thanks for organising Michael’s talk. It is great that you can bring to the BD Club well respected international career coaches. It was definitely worth getting up early for this one.  Michael has developed a very simple but a powerful message about how to take your career in your own hands. Yet again we have heard that knowing your personal values is a key building block of a successful career. The exercise was very useful, and showed clearly how to break your plan into small components. I will be definitely re-evaluating a lot this weekend!”
  7. “Hi Colin, wonderful event this morning. I thought your Guest Speaker, Michael Melcher was brilliant. I learned so much from his Talk. Well done on getting someone of Michael’s reputation to come from New York to give us a presentation. Looking forward to your next event.”
  8. “Colin, I thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s talk by Michael Melcher. It has given me lots of food for thought. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks again.”
  9. “Hi Colin, I was at the talk this morning but had to dash off to work so couldn’t get a chance to speak to you. Thanks very much for organising a very useful talk, I found Michael’s presentation very interesting. It’s great to get a different perspective on things, as you know, being a lawyer can narrow your world considerably!”
  10. “Thanks for this morning Colin. Another great speaker – well done. Perfect timing for me personally – really enjoyed it.”
  11. “Thanks Colin. It was another great talk. I was delighted to attend. It was good to meet Michael. I exchanged cards with a couple of people, including Michael so hopefully I can meet up/exchange ideas in the future. We must have a coffee (this side of Christmas, although the diary is filling up!).”
  12. “Colin, sorry that I could not hang around, would have been good to speak to you properly! The talk was excellent – Michael has a fantastic manner and presentation style and the content was original and engaging. Please pass on my sincere thanks to Michael for speaking to us. Thank you very much for the invite and I look forward to attending the next event.”
  13. “Hi Colin, it was great to see you too. I really enjoyed Michael’s talk. I remember distinctly talking about values with [ a career coach before ]. That’s something I remember [ the coach ] asking me about when I went to her.  I remember being very surprised at how simple the question was and how I had never thought about it before.  It was quite revelatory! Do keep me posted of future events!”
  14. “Hi Colin, thanks again for inviting me, I found it really interesting and would definitely be interested in attending future events. I’m impressed and intrigued by what you’re doing and would be very interested to hear how you’re finding it and to catch up generally. I expect it keeps you pretty busy but if you’re available sometime for lunch in Dublin over the  next while give me a buzz.”
  15.  “Colin, I just wanted to thank you (somewhat belatedly) for organising Tuesday’s breakfast talk. It was very interesting and both myself and [ ] thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next one.”
  16. “Thanks Colin, yet another very enjoyable and informative talk! Looking forward to the next one.”
  17. “Hi Colin, I really enjoyed Michael’s talk, was very interesting. I will certainly be attending in future.”
  18. “Colin, it was a great talk, food for thought for definite.”
  19.  “Colin, many thanks for organising this morning’s Event. Michael was an excellent speaker with new perspectives on managing career development. Would be great to meet up when you are next in town.”
  20. “Colin, thank you, I really enjoyed Michael’s Talk. Thank you for arranging it… Perhaps we could meet up with [ ] for a pre-Christmas drink.”
  21. “Hi Colin, great to meet you this morning.  Michael’s talk was very interesting and gave me a lot to think about.”
  22. “Thanks Colin, It was great to see you again and I am delighted that you have found your niche! Can you please put my work email on your list of contacts for the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club” and hopefully I will see you at a session soon.”
  23. “Thanks Colin, well done. Very interesting talk.”
  24. “Colin, it was a great event, and a really interesting Talk from Michael”
  25. “Hi Colin, [Michael’s Talk] was very good so please keep me posted on other events.   There is life after law!”


I hope to see you at our next Special Event.

Our Guest Speaker will be Margaret Byrne,  CEO of Sunderland F.C.

Sponsor:  Hult International Business School.


More details:

See you soon.




Colin Carroll

Founder & Managing Director

“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”



Telephone:   07917 301 070






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