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“Lawyers’ Business Development Club” :  London





Thank you to all of you who attended RYAN PATEL’s  wonderful Talk to the Lawyers’ Business Development Club”  this morning (Thursday 24 October 2013) in London.


I know many of you asked me this morning to pass on your gratitude to Ryan as he cut short his vacation to come Speak to all of us today. I will most certainly do this and pass on your feedback to him (which I have also included below).


I would also like to thank the law firm, CMS Cameron McKenna, for hosting us at their offices.

It was great to see so many of you at this Special Event this morning.


For those of you who missed RYAN’s  Talk, you may be interested to read the great comments / feedback on it: 

  1. Hi Colin, Ryan was an inspirational speaker I felt. I left feeling like I’d achieved something by listening to the talk and that was even before starting my working day. Many thanks.  I wasn’t able to stay at the end to introduce myself in person but will try and come early or stay late at one of the future talks.”
  2. “Hi Colin, thank you for organising a brilliant event this morning.  Ryan was inspirational.  He had some terrific messages to share with us.  He seems like a natural leader and a very nice guy.  No wonder he is so successful.  His passion to give-back and “Pay It Forward” is inspiring.  Ryan spoke about being an “influencer”.  Well you must have some serious powers of influence yourself to get someone as successful as Ryan to come from California and cut short his holiday / vacation to speak to your Lawyers’ BD Club !  Keep up the great work.  Looking forward to your next Talk.”
  3. “I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your talk this morning. It was really inspirational and a great way to start the morning.”
  4. Good afternoon Colin, Thank you once again for organising another excellent and engaging Speaker. Clearly Ryan is passionate about what he does and it showed in his delivery. He gave a great insight into Pinkberry’s global business which is very impressive.”
  5. “Hi Colin, this morning’s talk was one of the best I have been to, it was really refreshing to hear a speaker talk so frankly about his role within the company, but also actually really talking about the industry, the markets, and priorities and consumers in a way that could be transferred to any industry / market / consumer, and to hear about the relationship a client is looking for in terms of a property lawyer in particular. Very good choice of topic and speaker. Thanks.”
  6. Hi Colin, just wanted to say thanks again for organising the talk this morning – Ryan’s positive messages were just what I needed. Hope you have a great day and weekend.”
  7. Hi Colin, this morning’s talk was our first breakfast seminar and we thought it was very good. It is difficult to keep people’s attention at 8am and Ryan did a great job!  We thought he was an excellent speaker – he seemed extremely down to earth even though he has obviously been very successful. As a junior lawyer I particularly enjoyed his view on remembering what it was like to be junior and to lead by example, encouraging your team.   Apologies we had to leave straight after. We look forward to the next seminar and hopefully can catch you to introduce ourselves. Thanks.”
  8. Dear Colin, it was a pleasure to meet you this morning and thank you very much for putting me on the guest list for the talk.  It was very interesting and I enjoyed hearing about Ryan’s experiences and his journey to his current role. I am also a fan of a relaxed personable approach, which Ryan has in spades.  Always inspiring to see young people doing so well, so a great choice of speaker for an upwardly mobile audience! I also appreciate the organisation that sits behind this on your side, so thank you once again. It would be good to catch up when you have some more time.  I would also be interested in hearing about how you came to develop the network and hear some more about your journey from psychology and beyond.  I hope to see you at the next talk but keep me in mind if you get some time and are in and about the City and we can always grab a coffee or a drink.”
  9. “Colin, Ryan was very engaging.  He had a relaxed and open style and took us meandering through his career in an enjoyable and insightful way. The tidbits to take away –  such as paying it forward, being adaptable, being honest and direct- which we can all relate to-  and it is helpful to be reminded of these.  I’d like to be booked in for next Friday also as I really do enjoy the sessions!  Thanks as always. “
  10. “Hi Colin, many thanks again for yet another very interesting insight from beyond the legal world.  I have recently read about a US phenomenon of a growing number of entrepreneurial businesses hosting visitors from other companies, often from different sectors, in search of fresh ideas. Bringing business people as you do into your Club and Network to share their insights provides such a platform for lawyers.  Ryan’s talk was a great example for this.  He spoke in simple words about the importance of values and integrity in doing business.  Very refreshing indeed!  I was also hoping for a sample of a Pinkberry frozen yoghurt, next time ! J”
  11. “Hi Colin, excellent talk again this morning.  Ryan was a very natural but knowledgeable speaker with a fluid style and a clear passion to help businesses achieve their growth potential. “
  12. “Good morning Colin, thank you for organising such an interesting talk with Ryan Patel this morning. I really enjoyed it.  I thought Ryan had some powerful tips / advice to share with us.  Well worth getting out of bed for at 6.15 a.m this morn !”.
  13. “Colin, great talk and good to finally meet you.  I think it’s really interesting what you are doing and I’d like to know more.”
  14. “Thank you so much for another great morning! I really enjoyed Ryan’s Talk.”
  15. “Hi Colin, it was a pleasure to meet you this morning and thank you for inviting [  ]  and I to such an interesting talk from Ryan Patel.  I look forward to meeting you again soon.”
  16. “Thanks Colin, Ryan gave a wonderful insight into the world of distribution and franchise and how he gets business done! I had to run this morning but let’s try and catch up over the coming week.  Hope the meetings in Dublin last week went well and you enjoyed the break at home.”

Next Talk – Friday 1 November

MICHAEL MELCHER Our next Guest Speaker joins us from NEW YORK.

Michael is one of America’s leading executive coaches and is the author of the ABA-published book, The Creative Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Authentic Satisfaction.

It would be great to see you at this Special Event with Michael Melcher.


Bank of Ireland (UK) has kindly agreed to Sponsor and Host this Event with MICHAEL MELCHER at their beautiful offices:

Bank of Ireland UK l Bow Bells House l 1 Bread Street l London l EC4M 9BE

More details:


It would be great to hear from you, if you would like to RSVP.  My email is ( colin [at] )

I hope to see you soon.

Have a good evening.


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