General Counsel Mentoring Forum

“LBDC”   (“Lawyers’ Business Development Club”)

London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York

LBDC (“Lawyers’ Business Development Club) London Dublin Boston Dubai New York


LBDC:  General Counsel Mentoring Forum

(LBDC) General Counsel Dinner & Roundtable Discussion
(LBDC) General Counsel Roundtable Discussion

In May 2013, the  LBDC  (“Lawyers’ Business Development Club“) launched the “General Counsel Mentoring Forum” in the beautiful “Great Hall” at Innholders’ Hall in London. This was an exclusive event for General Counsel and was by invitation only.


Colin Carroll


LBDC   (“Lawyers’ Business Development Club“)

London │ Dublin │ Dubai │ Boston │ New York


Telephone:   0044 7917 301 070




The  LBDC  is sponsored by:

Global Sponsor:   CityJet




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