Lory Kehoe to speak at Blockchaincef Summit in London on 28 June

Lory Kehoe

Managing Director, ConsenSys

to speak at

Blockchaincef Summit, London

Thursday, 28 June 2018 |  Allen & Overy  | London

Email: colin@lawyersbdc.com

Lory Kehoe, Partner at ConsenSys

I wanted to share with you some exciting news about a new venture I am involved in – the ever fashionable and deeply misunderstood area of blockchain.

I am delighted to announce that my partners and I will be hosting our first Blockchain Summit on Thursday 28th June in the fabulous auditorium at the global law firm Allen & Overy in central London.

If you and or your company is interested or intrigued about blockchain, this could be for you.

It will be an all day event with numerous well known speakers, start ups within the blockchain space, as well as regulation experts.

The overall purpose of the event is to educate and offer a platform for companies and individuals who are making a difference in this new world order.  The summit will inform attendees across industry sectors of the benefits and challenges and offer meaningful investment and networking opportunities within the blockchain community globally.  The day will be fun, relaxed but with purpose. The objective of the summit is simple; to inform and to be part of the cooperative process of multi-stakeholder dialogue which aims to develop this technology in a socially beneficial manner for all.

I can share with you details about one of our amazing guest speakers: Lory Kehoe who is a Managing Director at ConsenSys and leads ConsenSys Ireland.

Lory Kehoe, Managing Director with ConsenSys

Lory is a managing director with ConsenSys and leads ConsenSys Ireland. He is passionate about Ethereum enabling a decentralised world. Prior to ConsenSys. He has over 11 years cross-industry consulting experience. Prior to ConsenSys he was a director with Deloitte and founded and ran Deloitte’s EMEA blockchain lab based out of Dublin. He also spent 5 years with Accenture.

Lory is a Qualified Financial Adviser, registered stockbroker and is currently (and has been for the past 10+ years) an adjunct assistant professor in Strategic Management and Information Systems with the Department of Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin.

More Information

More information about our Blockchaincef Summit can be found HERE.

Purchase a Ticket

To purchase a ticket, please click HERE.


Who Else Will be Speaking ?

We have an amazing line-up of speakers including:

Jess Houlgrave

Co-founder & COO of Codex Protocol

More information about Jess HERE

Join us in London

I’d love to see you at our Summit in London.  If you would like more information, please feel free to fill out the contact form below or drop me a line (email: colin@lawyersbdc.com).

Have a great weekend.


Colin Carroll


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