Lawyers’ Photography Competition: Photo entry from Ireland

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Lawyers’ Photography Competition

Photo Entry


Conor Boden, Trainee Lawyer

Dillon Eustace




Conor entered the above photograph in our Lawyers’ Photography Competition.

He said:

I took this panoramic photo recently on our way to Inch Beach in County Kerry. It was a pretty spectacular sight as we rounded the cliff road to this open, vast scene.


I look forward to receiving your photo!

More details – click here


First prize will be dinner for two at Richard Corrigan’s fabulous restaurant – Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill.

There will also be prizes for our two runners-up.

If you are not based in London and you end up winning one of our prizes, you will have the perfect excuse to come visit us in London and claim your prize!

Go grab your smart-phone or fancy camera and send us your photographs.

Our competition is open to all lawyers (including trainee lawyers).  You can be based anywhere in the world.


To enter, all you need do is:

  1. Email me your photograph – colin [at]
  2. Tell us where your photograph was taken
  3. Tell us that you took the photo (and that it not your friends!)


Our closing date will be 30 August 2015.


We will ask some professional photographers to decide on the winning entries.

The winner and runner-ups will be announced on Friday 9 September 2016


colin  [at]


If we get in some good photos over the next few weeks, I will share some of your entries here on the LBDC website.

I look forward to seeing your photographs and hearing about your summer holidays.


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